Spotlight: Our Programs at the Conference

Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for one of the below experiential workshops developed by our team!

Social Emotional Arts on a Shoestring for Individuals & Groups in Any Setting (also known as our Medical Social Emotional Arts Training Program)
Thursday, March 28 & Friday, March 29, 2019 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm on both days
Kathy Cass MA, BC-DMT, C-IAYT, AHC
Ping Ho, MA, MPH
Karen Howard, RMT, CEAP
Myriam Savage, PhD, RDT-BCT
18-09-18-MedSEA-Ketcher-9Do you want to bring the healing arts process to settings with limited resources? Do you need to accommodate individuals or groups with differing levels of ability? Are your session lengths unpredictable?In this practical two-day training program as part of our 3rd annual conference, you will experience activities in art, movement, music, and writing. The two-day curriculum also includes guidelines on the use of creative arts in therapeutic contexts, communication techniques for creating rapport and preventing resistance, and containment techniques for managing stress responses.Day one will focus on writing and movement; day two on music and art. Ongoing assessments of the program have shown that this curriculum achieves its intended goals of helping to build connection, evoke positive emotions, bolster resilience, decrease stress and pain, facilitate verbal and nonverbal communication, strengthen the creative vs. illness narrative, and manage grief and loss. The training, which is available with an extensive curriculum manual, enables sustainable delivery by care providers and educators in settings with limited resources, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, shelters, and community clinics. Registration for both days of this Training Intensive is required.When registering on our conference website, note that the two-day training is listed under a different title, “Social Emotional Arts on a Shoestring for Individuals & Groups in Any Setting.”

Creative Rituals for Processing Grief & Celebrating Life
Friday, March 29, 2019 from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Karen Howard, RMT, CEAP
Gabrielle Kaufman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPCC
Jennie Linthorst, MA, CAPF

Issues of loss and grief, particularly those connected to death of a loved one, are among the most difficult to experience, discuss, and process in treatment. In this 3-hour workshop, participants, will learn how to build resilience, facilitate healing, and strengthen community through creative expression related to such transitional life moments. Experience how music, movement, and writing can create sacred moments of reflection to honor grief, engender hope, find meaning in loss, elevate spirit, and facilitate closure. We’ll begin by taking an embodied musical journey to “express the loss, feel the love, and see the light.” Next we’ll identify how to facilitate deep writing through inspirational literature. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to summon memories of a lost loved one through symbolic movement. We’ll demonstrate how to facilitate group support and sharing as we work our way through these activities. Not intended as a therapy session, this educational workshop is likely to evoke poignant feelings.

Yoga Practice and Live Music: Enhancing Breath, Focus & Relaxation
Saturday, March 29, 2019 from 1:30 – 4:30 pm
Heather Lyle, BM, MM, FV, ERYT, CHt
Summer Lall, MT-BC
Diana Wallace

Music in the practice of yoga is a relatively recent phenomenon. Current applications tend to reflect the musical preference of the instructor and may detract from the intention of the session. The specific effects of music on mood and stress have been well documented in scientific literature. In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how music can enhance the practice of yoga through principles of music therapy. In the first half of the workshop, you will experience how music affects breath, the qualities and dynamics of movement, focus, and relaxation. You will also learn the value of sustained vowel sounds in yogic chanting and how to maximize the production of vowel resonance. In the second half of the workshop, you will experience yoga with live musical accompaniment intended to support the intentions of yoga practice. This session is for practitioners of yoga, or professionals interested in the integration of music into: contemplative or movement practices, mind/body wellness programs, or other healing contexts. Those seeking an experience in self-care are also welcome.

For more information, and to register for the conference, and any of the above workshops, visit our conference website.