Supporting Teachers and Students through the Arts in a Post-COVID World

Watch a panel of experts discuss the social emotional challenges facing schools today and what can be done through the arts to support teacher and student needs.

This presentation entitled, “Activating Student Learning in Post-COVID Schools through Social Emotional Learning and Arts Integration” was filmed for the 2022 National ESEA* Conference on February 16, 2022. *Elementary and Secondary Education Act

The three panelists are currently collaborating on an Arts and Social Emotional Learning Initiative funded by a $3.3 million US Department of Education grant.

The presenters (in order of appearance):

  • Ivonne Chand O’Neal, PhD, Founder and Principal of MUSE Research
  • Bill Funkhouser, MFA, Arts Learning Specialist for Humboldt County Office of Education
  • Ping Ho, MA, MPH, Founder and Director, UCLArts & Healing


Short on time?  Click here to view only the presentation by our Founder and Director, Ping Ho.

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