Therapeutic Job Opportunities with Special Needs Children

Perfect for SEA graduates and those interested in therapeutic work with children with developmental disabilities.

Employer: Real Connections
Position: Developmental Specialists

Real Connections provides social-emotional based developmental services to children with special needs. Our mission is to provide hope to families of children with special needs through development of intentional relationships in families and communities.

Developmental Specialists Requirements:

  • Working one on one providing DIR/Floortime therapy with children and/or young adults with developmental disabilities (Autism)
  • Commuting to and from clients’ home
  • Being supervised by MSW or PhD in related filled (supervisor appointed by RCCDI)
  • Attending DIR/Floortime therapy lecture (Duration: 1 month)
  • Attending Case Consultation Groups (Duration: ongoing throughout employment)
  • Year commitment

Developmental Specialists Qualifications:

  • Flexible Available
  • Reliable transportation/Valid driver license
  • BA related fields to Psychology, Education, Child Development, etc.
  • Past experience working with children
  • Bilingual (not required but applicable)

Developmental Specialists Benefits/Perks:

  • 8-20 hours on weekly basis
  • 13 dollars/hour starting rate (based on requirements/qualifications)
  • Paid trainings of all required trainings, lectures, and supervisions
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Being part of Real Connections family of staff
  • An environment to help and grow in your own education while being a part of your client’s life

Developmental Specialists have the privilege to impact the lives of an Autistic child. By being a Developmental Specialist and providing direct DIR/Floortime therapy you have the opportunity to grow in your understanding of a client’s profile in a play base setting. Understanding Developmental Levels, Individual Differences, and Relationships allows for our Developmental Specialist to grow in their own education of all interactions with one another. Real Connections offers you a job that can become a passion; by being a Developmental Specialist. Real Connections is always eager to hire Developmental Specialists to add to our energetic, compassionate, fun, creative, and loving family.

Note about location: options for locations across West Los Angeles. Main office is located in Monrovia, CA.

To apply, send your resume to